Andrea Romano (Italian national team) about the Diamond 2 Large

I’m Andrea Romano goalkeeper of the Italian national team, and I’m a proud owner of a Diamond 2 (L model). It was back in 2004 when I first saw DPP product at work. Since then I couldn’t choose any better boat. Year by year and model by model, this last upgrade has the best union of balance, speed and agility in comparison to many other canoe that I’ve tested. Very fast in the short distances and also easy to keep accelerated on longer sprint. Change of direction are always smooth and neat and new volume distribution make it easier to work in the 6 mts area while going deep under water surface. Fabrication, materials and attention to details make it also a high end product under every respect. Absolutely recommended!

(December 2018)


Marcus Davenport about the Diamond 2 Medium

I have diamond 2 medium and the boat is of a top quality. It is very easy to sprint with and has a high top speed. Turning the boat is very easy and smooth. The seat is adjustable and has soft support around the edged this means that the balance of the boat can be changed which makes the boat very comfortable to paddle with.

I have recently played a competition in this boat and it is perfect for all areas on the polo field. As well as it being quick it is a very strong boat and is easy to defend with.

I am very happy with this boat and would definitely recommend it to all polo players. I would also like to thank all of the guys that work at DPP Dynamic for their excellent customer service and for how excellent the boat is.

(August 2016)


Gustav Toftegaard Hansen (U21 Denmark) about the Diamond 2 Large

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to buy a Dynamic, and after a week of trying it out, I must say that it is as great as I imagined.

It’s true that the boat is not for the lazy rower, as it is a bit on the heavy side with 10,8 kg, but the reward for putting in the energy overshadows the weight. With just a week in the boat, I managed to beat my personal record on full pitch sprint, making it under 10 sec! Where other boats reach a certain top speed, the Diamond 2 just keeps on accelerating.

With it’s wide design, the boat is extremely stable! Even with less volume in the rear the boat remains stable all the way through a stern turn. Even though I’m still a tad too light to use the boat to its fullest potential, I’m positively surprised over its agility.

It’s definitely not my last Dynamic!

(July 2016)


Frank Besson about the Diamond 2 Large

It's really nice to paddling on this new boat. I think it is a little bit faster thena the old. Rotations are much easier and requires less effort. The new design of the hull does go more easily in a straight line without slipping. 

The adjustable seat standpipe a little and allows to paddle more on the front. The adjastubale seat is also very intersting to be the best in our kayak. 

Concering the strength and rigidity of the kayak. I'm not going to learn it, the dynamic diamond are extremely solid. I am fully satisfied with this new toy and I'm ready to go on all canoe polo fields. 



Dear DPP customer,

As you probably have heard I have been very ill the past period.

In this period Bryce and Maartje kept DPP running and there was hardly any delay. Bryce has also designed and tested a new model helmet during this period. And the Dutch men's team and MDR (Michiel de Ruyter) have the first exemples of this new model.

There were more developments at DPP. DPP made a new model paddle blad, a new model designed specifically for the canoe polo sport. The molds are ready for the first production phase to test and further develop a strong construction as you've come to expect from DPP.

Also, DPP started testing Dynamic Diamond models with a foam core in the upper and below deck, this saves weight and creates a higher stiffness on the Dynamic Diamond models. the desired quality is not yet achieved, so DPP will go on with testing and development.

Luckily I started the 22th of July to work half-days and 3 times a week I'm working to my recovery at the physical therapy. I want to thank you very much for all the support that Maartje, Bryce and I have received in this intense period. 

DPP hopes to be your builder and provider of top quality canoe polo products for a long time. 



Wouter, DPP