Dear DPP customer
maandag, 08 april 2013

Quality, innovation and shape of canoe polo kayaks have been the key elements for Wouter when he founded DPP. From the moment he founded DPP Wouter was always confident that someday he would be able to build a seamless pre preg boat, the best construction for a polo boat he could imagine. Building high quality boats to those customers who only want the very best has always been the mission from DPP. 
After more than 10 years of working solo, not willing to take the risk to compromise on quality to increase production capacity, 2 years ago Wouter finally found someone that showed the skills to build his products with the same quality. This gave DPP the opportunity to keep innovating and design new models next to building the Dynamic for his customers. Many customers around the world are now proud owners of the innovative designed Dynamics.

Open and honest for Wouter go hand in hand with the quality of his products. So without any sugar coating we regret to inform you that Wouter is currently suffering from an illness called GBS, his own body is attacking his nerve system. In the long run the outlook is fairly positive, full recovery is expected but can take 2 months or a lot longer. At the DPP website we will keep you up to date about the status of Wouter.

This does not mean DPP will not be delivering boats. Bryce will continue to run the business and build Dynamics only to the highest standards delivering the very best quality! The production capacity however will be affected and with that also all current scheduled delivery dates! All customers are already contacted about their order. Please bare with us, we appreciated your patient and support.

DPP team