Dynamic Diamond 2 Small.

The Dynamic Diamond 2 Small is in production since June 2015. It's a seamless model which is based on the Diamond Small, but with a hollow bottom. The hollow bottom makes it very easy to turn and the Diamond 2 Small is quicker on top speed. 

General specs

The Dynamic Diamond 2 Small is available with internal bumpers. Seat is adjustable 2cm forward or backward. Special request for the seat can be given with the order. Bumpers are included, footrests are not included. 


Construction: Seamless, internal bumpers
Fittings: Bumpers and seat foam included
Length: 299 cm
Width: 59 cm
Paddling weigth: until 70 kg. 
Cockpit circumference: 200 cm
Standard seat position: 10 cm from cockpit backrim
Materials:  PREPREG Carbon / Glass
Weigth: 10 kg.
Price: €2330,- (price in 2023) 

Delivery period: acoording to current number of orders, see head 'News'

The Dynamic comes without colored gelcoat, natural black carbon.

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